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Hello and welcome to Nightowl Studio.

I sincerely hope the images of my work shown here will hold your spirit in a good space and cause you to reflect for a moment on a special time or place in your life. Each selected painting here holds a special place in my heart and I’m grateful for this opportunity to share my passion for art with anyone interested in viewing it. I welcome you to saunter with my spirit through the misty valleys of the Rocky Mountains, into the cockpit of a P-51 Mustang, through the Eastern Door to catch a fleeting glimpse of our native Ohio ancestors… perhaps ending your journey through time dancing by the fire under a moonlit night on the Missouri River with Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery. It is the spiritual connection made through art that humbles me and gives me cause to take pleasure in being an artist.

So please take your time as you browse through a few select paintings created by an unassuming artist. A simple man who loves the outdoors and all the wild animals, history, enchantment and mystique that inhabits that space. Move through these pages with the spirit of an artist who loved his life; A life creating images from imagination for the simple pleasure of sharing them on canvas with a perfect stranger.



Todd Price