Nightowl Studio-Cincinnati has closed

Through hard work and a boatload of trial and error I had finally reached a point in my life and in my work where I had a complete understanding of what it means to be an artist. I experienced the unique joy that comes to any person lucky enough to be successful at his or her trade... a true "passion", as it were, that one thing that drives the creative soul to nearly crazy. Let me say to any young artist that it was a long and challenging but fascinating journey – all said it was amazing and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! My wish was to be an artist and I was... I got good at it. Throughout my course as an artist I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful people and I made scores of lifelong friends through my work and I'll never forget them. Let's face it, art people; musicians, artists, sculptors, woodworkers... creative people one and all are the most, interesting, fun and spiritual people you could ever wish to be surrounded by.

To close, I encourage all to use their spare time wisely as they travel through the four seasons of life. Be sure to do something meaningful and good with the time you have because who knows what's next if you choose to do otherwise? Know too, that it was and still is my greatest pleasure to share my passion for painting with anyone interested in learning about such things.


PS: To my artist friend Jim Bortz... save me a seat at the Silver Dollar Bar in Cody, Wyoming!



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