I am sad to announce the passing of my studio cat Archie (1994-2013).

Archie was a great and loyal friend… my lucid nighttime companion of 19 years. With his pastel purr and booming meow, never to proud to slumber away the hours on my lap keeping me warm and in good company through those long, lonely winter nights in front of the canvas.

We had our ups and downs over the years, with the constant supply of covert hairballs, the sudden and unexpected swat at the brush, eating the paint off my pallet… and the infamous trick of finding the most comfortable, freshly varnished painting to sit on when least expected. Only a cat has the patience to watch a painting come to life from concept to finish then give the final approval by sitting on a wet coat of varnish the day before the show.

Archie was the last of the litter and has crossed the river to join his mom Corky, sisters Peaty, Alien and Sapphire and brother Clifford. They are finally all together again bouncing through sunny fields of green, chasing an endless supply of butterflies and mice. I can only hope they will all be waiting there to escort me to the other side when my time has come to go.

Thanks for everything Archie my trusted friend… I miss you now more than you can imagine.


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