History Meets the Arts

I want to personally thank Lord Nelson’s Gallery for hosting yet another great show at Gettysburg’s 2015 History Meets The Arts event. This is an annual event and yet again, I was fortunate enough to be in the company of an entire room full of amazing talent. Truth is, as an artist you can’t help but be humbled when you walk into the room, ready to set up your space only to be blown away by the perfectly executed art of Dean Morrissey, John Buxton, Wayne Hyde, Robert Griffing, Doug Hall, and David Wright… just to name a few. They continued to raise the bar every year and pushed me to work harder and harder at my trade.

Another unique part of the show are the beautifully crafted 18th century knives, jewelry, weapons and accouterments. Thanks to all of those artisans for adding such an awe-inspiring element to the show… and demonstrating to the general public that we, as a society, are still capable of creating beautiful things with our hands!

Unfortunately I missed the 2016 show and only time will tell when or even if I will ever attend again. But let me say now what a joy it has been to be a part of this show the last 8 years. What a wonderful and uniquely great group of people, collectors and artists alike and I consider it a privilege to have been included with so many creative people, I will miss it… I’m sure of that. So please browse through the images from past History Meets the Arts shows dating back 2006 to 2015… there were good times for all!

Please visit for more information on History Meets the Arts as well as details on the most amazing collection of work ever scene in any one gallery east of the Mississippi River.


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