About the Artist

I can't recall when exactly or what it was I began to draw first but know it was very early in my life that I would spend hours alone drawing and painting, dodging the boredom of school and the normal day to day activities required to survive growing up the youngest of three boys in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. As I moved into my adult years I continued to draw and paint every chance I had. No matter where I was or what I was doing all I really thought about was painting. Morning, noon and night I would watch the light play on all the elements surrounding me. Even while sitting by the fire with friends under the light of a full moon sky I would find myself secretly working out the complexities of a duotone landscape. I saw everything as a painting, the objects, colors, shadows, mid-tones and highlights and how all of those color spaces would play off each other on my imaginary pallet. Like it or not I was an artist, I was born to it... I knew it and I embraced it.

I'm grateful for the chance I had at being an artist. It has opened up opportunities I could only have dreamed of as a young man. I have seen many things, been many places and made so many wonderful friends over the years through my art and know now it was a special gift to have been given the opportunity to experience it... and I keep that gift very close to my heart. I sincerely hope all the work I have done in my life has in some way inspired people to spend more time outside – to visit our national parks and to fall in love with art, America and all her history.

Todd Price

Todd Price is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has walked a long and peculiar path as a painter. You will find him outside more than in, enveloped by the peaceful comfort and solitude of the outdoors and the unrestrained creative energy born inside that same space. Todd draws on his appreciation of history and his outdoor experiences for inspiration in his work. His love of history and those who make it, has allowed him to gain notoriety for his contributions to historical groups and U.S. military organizations. Todd's paintings can be found in galleries and private collections throughout North America as well as adorning numerous book covers and specialty magazine covers. He possesses no formal training other than practicing hard at his trade and studying the techniques and secrets revealed in the brush strokes left by the great artist of our human past.

Todd Price currently lives somewhere in the Midwest, but his spirit will always be chasing a ghost in the Rocky Mountains.