About the Artist

I feel like I was born with a pencil and paintbrush in my hand. I can't recall now when or what it was I began to draw first but I know from my parents that it was very early in my life that I spent long hours alone drawing and painting, away from the boredom of elementary school and the normal day to day activities required to survive growing up the youngest of three boys in a one bath, two bedroom home.

Like most people I was typically shy going into my grade school years but I found early on if I wanted to meet people or make friends it was easier when I communicated first through my art. I enjoyed striking up a conversation or making people laugh with my art (cartoons of teachers during class mostly), but I also enjoyed the attention received when sharing the more serious side of my work, the other art genres I enjoyed working in for their complexity and beauty... I learned at a very young age that art and the creative spirit was simply a part of my personality. I continued to draw and paint as I moved into my teenage years, where I also began to spend a larger portion of my time playing sports, primarily baseball and high school football, and spending even more time on all the normal things young men generally waste their time with at that age. But deep in the pit of my soul I always had a secret desire to be an artist. Regardless of where I was or what I was doing I watched the light all day into the night, "chasing the light" as it's known to artists. I could daydream for hours while working out exactly how I would approach a certain vision I had of a painting; the potential trouble spots I might find in a scene that was laid out before my eyes in real time, but also how that same scene would appear in a two dimensional space... my painting, my "linen dream" as I would privately call it. Even when sitting by the fire with friends at night under the light of a full moon sky I would secretly work out the complexities of a duotone landscape. I saw everything as a painting; the objects, the colors, hue gradations, shadow tones, mid-tones, highlights and how all of those color spaces would play off of each other on my imaginary pallet as my painting would develop from a vision, to concept sketch, to a framed painting hanging in a gallery.

As I moved out of the age of high school sports and impropriety I began devoting more of my time to art, music, the social arts and exploring an entire new world of nearly endless opportunities for expression through my art. I spent more time exploring the wilds, moving deeper into the woodlands and prairies of the Midwest states, backpacking, camping and more than a few crazy but memorable weekends and motorcycle trips out with friends... but always with a longing to head west towards the setting sun to the mountain states. I ventured further west as often as I could, getting into some trouble here and there along the way but each time I ventured there I had a longing to see more. Regardless of where I was or what I was doing I had this burning desire to go west and paint, I knew I was an artist, a painter for sure, but I wasn't quite sure where to go with it until the day I met my wife Tracy. It was through her friendship and unique kindness in those early years together that she inspired me to be a better person, a serious and respectable man, a good husband and father... an artist by trade. Let me say without going into detail that meeting my wife, just seeing her for the first time literally saved my life and anyone who knows me well will tell you that I was reborn; she inspired me to use the gift I'd been given to better myself... to do good things for other people. So when asked, "When did you decide to become an artist", I answer, "In the fall of 1989 when I met my wife". She literally freed my spirit and unleashed a tide of beautiful images that had been locked up in my soul for over 27 years. I often reflect back on those early days with her now and wish that in every good mans life that they have a chance to meet and fall in love, not lust, but truthful, heartfelt love with the woman that frees their spirit. And know this, that even if it does not last forever, if things don't end up the way you dreamed they would, it's better to have experienced such a beautiful encounter only once, than to never have experienced it at all.

I am still an artist in my heart. I am Todd Price.

With regards to art and what inspired me to paint:

"Painting was my true passion, my calling if you will. Painting allowed me to be where I wanted, even what I wanted to be and discreetly pull the viewer inside that same space with me. I tried always to add that sense of intimacy to my work because I wanted to share the excitement I felt when creating a particular scene. Art, whether it be 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, film, dance or music, is the perfect vehicle for communicating with a total stranger... both visually and emotionally.

My style of painting and the subjects I portrayed:

"I considered myself a traditional artist... a storyteller through art. I believe an artist should not have to accompany his work with an explanation in order for the viewer to understand it. If a person views your work and has to ask what it is, then you're not communicating. True art should stand on its own and stir the heart and emotions of the viewer. I worked very hard to bring that emotion out in people through my art... and I enjoyed every second when feeling that "click", that sense of connection while viewing my work with a perfect stranger."

My philosophy on art and what I aspired to do with it:

"I encourage all to try and create something good and hope that my art somehow inspires people to do that. We all have a gift in our hands given to us by our creator; you just have to use them to find it. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; it doesn't even have to be art. I once watched a plumber bend and solder copper pipe with amazing efficiency and perfection and I am still amazed by the genius of his craft and the pride he took in assembling something so perfect even though in the end, it would be hidden from view. So whether it be a plumber, a sculptor, a mechanic... artist even, all of us possess a God given talent but it's up to each individual to make the conscious decision to find their calling and work hard to be the best at it. So turn off reality television because "reality TV" is the farthest thing from reality. Stop wasting time tearing apart your soul with ill-suited mind poison on "the web". Do something real with your life to make your Facebook page actually interesting to decent people. Take the time to use your hands in a good way. Dump the cell phone, find a quiet place and read about real heroes for a change. Read about the amazing journey up the Missouri River with the Lewis & Clark expedition. Or the men who leaned into the fire to gain a foothold at Normandy Beach. Read about our founding fathers and the American Revolution and tell me you're not inspired! Pick a time in history and ramble around in it, create something for someone and even if just once, do something good for America... you'll find great friends in doing so and more importantly, you'll find your heart and soul in a much better place."

Todd Price is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has won numerous awards for his art and contributions to historical and U.S. military organizations. His paintings can be found in galleries and private collections throughout North America as well as adorning numerous book covers and specialty magazine covers. He possesses no formal training other than practicing hard at his trade and studying the techniques and secrets revealed in the brush strokes of the great masters.

Todd Price currently lives in Ohio... but his heart will always be in the Rocky Mountains.