About the Artist

I can't recall when exactly or what it was I began to draw first but I know from my mother and father it was very early in my life that I would spend many hours alone drawing and painting, away from the boredom of school and the normal day to day activities required to survive growing up the youngest of three boys in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home.

As I moved into my adult years I continued to draw and paint every chance I had, even as I began to spend more time playing sports, primarily baseball and football, and even more time on all the other things young men generally squander their time with in this early season of life. But no matter what I was doing, there was always something going on behind the curtain in my mind... a sort of alluring phantom dancing around in my head. Morning, noon and night I would watch how the light played on all the elements that surrounded me. Even sitting by the fire with friends under the light of a full moon sky I would find myself secretly working out the complexities of a duotone landscape. I began to see everything as a painting; the objects, colors, shadows, mid-tones and highlights and how all of those color spaces would play off each other on my imaginary pallet. A could develop a painting from archived images in my head. paintings would appear as a vision, from concept sketch, through color composition, to the final painting as it might look hanging framed in a gallery. Slowly, year by year I worked on building the foundation of my passion for painting. In my ceaseless search for inspiration and reference material, I became a staunch reader of history and began to spend more time exploring the wilds, backpacking deeper and deeper into the woodlands and prairies of the Midwest states, always with a longing to head further west; it seemed my artistic compass was always pointing west and still does today.

Present day, I've reached a stage in my life as an artist where I'm completely confident in my work. I've learned through years of trial and error how to corral my passion for creativity and apply it correctly to what ever subject I'm painting. That is not to say painting has become easy, only more fluid and telling from start to finish, with much less frustration than I had experienced in my early years as a painter. I feel a need to create and recreate over and over and it is my preoccupation with creating the "perfect painting" that I've always struggled with and have had to learn to keep hidden from view. I am an artist, I was born an artist and I always will be. My passion for painting, for telling stories through my art is a secret passion that I love sharing with anyone who cares enough to join me in conversation and spirit and become a part of my work. That passion, my love for art and the extraordinary things humans can do with their hands is what drives me to keep at it. From those on the outer boundaries of my life, that passion hides from them with caution, safe, deep within my soul. But for those who enjoy the positive emotion that can be pulled out of the human spirit by a wonderfully executed painting, I am happy to share any time they are willing to give.

I sincerely hope the work I have done as an artist has been an inspiration to all I have touched with it.

With regards to art and what inspired Todd to paint:

"Painting is my true passion, my calling if you will. Painting allows me to be where and/or what I want to be and discreetly pull the viewer inside that same space with me. I try always to add that sense of intimacy to my work because I want to share the excitement I feel when creating a particular scene. Art, whether it be 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, film, dance or music, is the perfect vehicle for communicating with a total stranger... both visually and emotionally.

Todd's philosophy on art and what he aspired to do with it:

"I encourage all to try and create something good and hope that my work somehow inspires people to do just that. We all have a gift in our hands given to us by our creator, but you must use them to find it. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, it doesn't even have to be art. Whether a doctor, plumber, landscaper, car mechanic... artist even; all of us possess a talent but it's up to each individual to make the conscious decision to find their calling and work hard to be the best at it. So turn off reality television because "reality TV" is about the furthest from reality you can get. Stop wasting time tearing apart your soul with ill-suited mind poison on the internet. Try doing something real with your life to make your Facebook page truly interesting to decent people. Take the time to use your hands and your mind in a good way. Lose the cell phone and all the distasteful texting and images that come with it. Find a quiet place and read about real heroes for a change. Read about the amazing journey up the Missouri River with the Lewis & Clark expedition. Or the men who leaned into the hellfire at Normandy Beach. Read about our founding fathers and the American Revolution and tell me you're not inspired. Pick a time in history and ramble around in it, create something meaningful for someone, and even if just once, do something good for America... you'll find the most wonderful friends in doing so, more importantly, you'll find your heart and soul in a much better place."

Todd Price is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has walked a long and peculiar path as a painter. Given a gift at birth, he carries the uncontrollable urge to tell stories with paint. You will find Todd outside more than in, wondering about the wilds, enveloped by the peaceful comfort of solitude found there and the unrestrained creative energy born inside that same space. He draws on his love of history and his outdoor experiences for inspiration in his work and to view his work is to walk into the canvas with him. His spirit lives there, inside each painting and he purposely lets you feel welcome sauntering there with him. Todd has won numerous awards for his art and contributions to historical groups and U.S. military organizations. His paintings can be found in galleries and private collections throughout North America as well as adorning numerous book covers and specialty magazine covers. He possesses no formal training other than practicing hard at his trade and studying the techniques and secrets revealed in the brush strokes left by the great artist of our human past.

Todd Price currently lives somewhere in the Midwest... but his spirit will always be chasing a ghost in the Rocky Mountains.