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Welcome to Nightowl Studio

Welcome. Before moving on, I say with regret to all who know me as an artist and all lovers of great art who have somehow stumbled upon the pages of my website, that through loss of my spirit in 2016 I have given up my calling as an artist. But please know this, that for the past 30 years it was my privilege to share my passion for art with anyone willing to share his or her time with me. I always considered it my highest honor to meet and talk with people who admired my work… who admired any great work of art for that matter. Because lovers of magnificent things, good things, clean things, are the most wonderful and rarest people of all and I am honored to know that by simply making that connection with a perfect stranger through my art… that "click" as it were, at that very moment I touched a beautiful soul forever.

So I hope these words and images of my work will leave you with a smile or perhaps cause you to reflect on a special time or place in your life? My wish is that my art will somehow stir your emotion and put your spirit in a good place. As always, I encourage others to find their talents and develop them… to use their spare time wisely for good things as they travel through the four seasons of life. It was, and still is my pleasure to share the passion I had for painting, even if only to open the eyes of a perfect stranger to the wonders of history and the wild and wonderful American landscape.

So relax, take it easy and browse the entire scope of creation from a man who loves the outdoors, who loves life… who loved to create beautiful things.



Todd Price