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Welcome to Nightowl Studio

Welcome. Before moving on, I say with regret to all who know me as an artist and all lovers of great art who have somehow stumbled upon the pages of my website, that due to a setback in my life I am not painting at this time. My love of painting has left me along with the inspiration for all that was good in me. For now, I have packed up my memories and unfinished work with all the brushes, easels, props, music, reference material and collectibles that made my studio a place of great comfort to me and my family. My studio was a wonderful place to be alone or to mingle, a place to create beautiful things while alone or talking over the events of the day with friends and family. All who visited me there will say the same… it was truly a unique space to share a coffee or bottle of wine with a trusted friend. My hope is that I will have another like it again some day but until then please know this, that for the past 30 years it was my privilege to share my work, if only to inspire others. I will miss the long nights of music and creation with the sound of the floor above my studio creaking while my family happily bantered and moved about life above me in my home. And of course, I know I will miss the unique gift of sublime power in creating a world of my own, a gift to share with anyone willing to saunter there with me. To wonder through the misty valleys of the Rocky Mountains, into the cockpit of a P-51 Mustang, or a journey through time dancing by the fire under a moonlit night on the Missouri River. But mostly, I think I will miss being in the company of so many good people; friends, artists, lovers of art and collectors alike… honest, uniquely talented and great people.

In closing, I hope these words and images of my work will leave you with a smile or perhaps cause you to reflect on a special time or place in your life? My wish is that my art will somehow stir your emotion and put your spirit in a good place. Please let me offer this to any who seek it; know that I am never to busy to share with anyone the wonderful experiences I had as an artist while simultaneously taking my part in raising two wonderful boys to be great American men. The ups, the downs, the good and not so good attributes that come with a creative spirit. To share and embrace the unique experience of living life as an artist as well as the difficulties loved ones ultimately endure having to live with one. I would look forward to the opportunity to share my ideas or discuss the topics and beliefs in which I built my life… about the very soul I once carried that served as a catalyst for creating wonderful stories through my art. If all I have to give now is encouragement in helping a perfect stranger make something useful of their life then I will take pleasure in doing so. I will continue to encourage good people, as before, to find and develop the talents given to them by our creator. To inspire others and to guide lost souls to the peaceful world found in solitude and the wonders of a good cup of coffee, a close and trusted friend and the glory of the great outdoors.

So please relax, take it easy and browse the entire scope of creation from a man who loves the outdoors, who loved his life… who loved to create beautiful things.



Todd Price